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Please Make  Preparations To Attend The 4th Annual Conference

Bishop P.F.Chambers and Bishop J Williams appreciate's any and all contributions. We pray that you will support this ministry with not only your prayers but with your financial seeds as well.

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God gave Bishop P.F. Chambers a vision in 2004 to bring Sabbath keepers together from every part of the world.  Realizing that this would be a great task because of the many differences, he decided to focus on the most important thing they all had in common; which is the 7th day Sabbath.


Exodus 20: 9-10 Six days shall thou labor and do all thy work; but the seventh day is

The Sabbath of the Lord our God.


God began to give Bishop Chambers direction and divinely connected him with others

Sabbath observers.  This vision was shared with Bishop Johnny Williams of Tampa,

Florida, who immediately responded by saying “YES WE CAN”.


Through much prayer, they joined together to bring this vision into fruition, which birthed out Bridging the Gap Fellowship.  This fellowship was designed to break down barriers and the spirit of isolation among Sabbath keepers.  It is our endeavor, through the spirit of love and unity, to connect the old and new generations so that the commandments of God will live throughout generations to come.


Through coming together, we were strengthen and motivated and held our 1st Annual Bridging the Gap Conference August 2011 in Columbia, SC.  Represented was Apostle G.R. Dailey, Chairman of the Apostle Board and Board of Director’s Chairman Bishop James Ragland, both of the House of God International headquartered in Lexington, Ky.  Also represented was, Bishop G.W. and Mother Mary Chambers, Elder Keith Chambers all of Marion, SC, Dr. Ratliff of Pageland, SC, Elder Kenneth Foxworth of Loris, SC, Apostle Robert Turner of Augusta, GA and a host of other Sabbath keepers from Florida, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  Most importantly, God met us there and stamped his approval by anointing every service.  Many were amazed to see the number of people that came out to support this great work.  The people were encouraged, empowered and strengthen.


This is not an organization but a fellowship of believers.  We gather not to find fault or be divided with our diversities, but to present to the world a body united as one.  If you are not a part of this great move of God, we encourage you to join us today.  Visit our website at or visit us on facebook at Bridging the Gap Sabbath Observers.

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